How It Works

How a vancouver casino event works

Welcome to your Monte Carlo Night, where you will compete against your fellow guests to grow your initial bankroll as large as possible.

Each guest will start with a $10,000 chip, which can be exchanged at any of the gaming tables for smaller denomination chips. Use these chips throughout the night at any of the gaming tables to grow your fortune. Games include Blackjack, Texas Hold’em Poker, Roulette, Craps and a Monte Carlo Wheel.

At the end of the night, we will provide the results to you and you award the prizes. Prizes can be awarded in many different ways including the following:

  1. TOP WINNERS: Players will bring up their chips to any of the casino tables and the dealers will tally the chips and record the player’s name and total on a card. All the cards are collected and the results are ordered from highest to lowest and given to you. Prizes can be awarded to the top players and a draw between the remaining players can be held for any other prizes. The choice is yours and depends on how many prizes you have!
  2. DRAW TICKETS: Players can buy a draw ticket at any time during the night for $5,000 casino cash per ticket. At the end of the night, players will convert all their casino chips into draw tickets at the same rate of $5,000 per ticket. There are then 2 ways to do a draw for the prizes. Either you do one big draw for all the prizes, in which case we would keep one half of the draw ticket and give the other half to the player. We give you all our ticket halves and you would do one big draw for all the prizes. Alternatively, you can have a separate draw for each prize (ie. each prize has its own draw box). We would give both sides of the draw ticket to the player and they would put one half of their ticket into the draw box corresponding to the prize they would like to win. You would then do a draw from each box for the corresponding prize.
  3. AUCTION: Players will have their name and total winnings recorded on a card with a special pen (to ensure no alterations are made) and handed back to the players. Players will use their total winnings to bid on prizes in either a silent or live auction.

Remember, the more Monte Carlo Money you have at the end of the night, the better your chances to win that prize you desire!

For a fun twist, have one of your managers deal blackjack. Employees love winning money off of their boss!

Add to the casino atmosphere with our other services:
• Elvis Impersonator with performances
• Magician (stage or walk around show)
• Showgirls
• Cigar girls
• Character artists
• Many More…