Having a poker night or want to throw a poker tournament?

We also provide poker table rentals in Vancouver.

We can provide a full service to organize, deal and run your poker tournament or we can provide any or all of the following:

  • Poker Tables (including delivery, setup and teardown)
  • High Quality Poker Chips in Various Denominations
  • Cards, Cut Cards, Dealer Buttons
  • Poker Dealers
  • Poker Tournament Directors


The two main types of poker tournaments include:

LAST MAN STANDING – This is the standard poker tournament which will continue until there is only 1 player left and he or she is declared the winner. Blinds are raised at each time interval and as players are knocked out, the other players are shuffled around to the remaining tables to even out how many players are at each table. Eventually there will be 8 players left and they will be combined onto one final table and will play until there is only one player left.

ELIMINATION ROUNDS – This tournament guarantees an end at a specific time. The tournament is separated into 2 rounds of 1 hour each. Blinds will be raised every time interval until the end of round 1. At the end of round 1, the two players with the highest amount of chips at each table will advance to the final round (round 2) while all other players are eliminated. For the final round, 8 players will start over with a new set of chips and blinds and time intervals will be reset to the original starting amounts. When the time for round 2 is up, then the player with the most chips is declared the winner (second most chips is 2nd place, etc…).


As of November 2007, you can obtain a license to legally to hold a Texas Hold’em poker tournament to raise funds for a charity or as a fundraising event for a group (e.g. community sports team for equipment, school for computer lab, etc…). This  license allows players to buy in for real money and win real money prizes.

There are some notable limitations to the license, as follows:

  • Maximum 100 players & Maximum $100 buy-in (NO REBUYS)
  • Maximum total of $10,000 per event (100 players @ $100 each)
  • Maximum 25% of total for use on expenses (venue, services, marketing, etc…)
  • Maximum prize pool of $2,000 (any one prize maximum of $1,000)

Here are some useful links to get you started with your charity poker tournament in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland: